What’s Possible?

Below are samples of 3 section pages in different styles. These photos are small. They are not intended for you to look deeply and determine every portion of your site. You will be working with a professional designer, with years of experience, who will use these designs as a “launch pad” for your unique design. If you need deeper control then please contact us about a detailed quote for a site that more exactly suites your needs.

We recommend that the color scheme match the colors in your unique logo (which you will provide to us). If you do not have a logo we will use your name in block letters (don’t worry, it will look GREAT!)  Select a style (below) and then tell us what colors you would like. Choose 2 colors, a primary and a secondary.  

Or Choose a Header Style

A header style sets the stage for your site. There are some headers in the samples above, but in case you see something here you like, please select it and tell us.